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PSDA: P2P Summit

    Peer Group Sessions

    New in 2017, Peer Group participants will be able to choose their own sessions to customize the experience at P2P. Sessions are being added weekly, and there will be 15 total to choose from. Don't worry — you'll still get the great peer networking experience that has been so popular for the last few years. The groups will kick off the conversation on Wednesday night and participate in facilitated conversations on Thursday to get the most out of this educational experience.

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    Thursday, October 5

    8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

    Using Technology To Hire Right

    Claudia St. John, President, Affinity HR Group

    Napoleon A1-2

    From online candidate search tips, to behavioral testing to employee engagement and motivation, this session discusses the many ways technology has disrupted the way companies hire and engage their workers.

    Beyond Swag: Building Branded Experiences with New Tech

    Eric Granata, Vice President of Business Development, ROBYN Promotions

    Napoleon BC123

    You've heard of augmented reality and you may have used voice interfaces like Alexa and Siri. PSDA Member, ROBYN, has used print and promotional products for decades to help our clients build memorable branded experiences. Where do emerging technologies fit in the distributor’s tool kit? Eric Granata, VP of Business Development, ROBYN, will introduce these technologies, see how they’ve been put to use by distributors and discover ways to implement for your clients.

    Creating Your Own Social Media Style: A Behind the Scenes Look at a Successful Facebook Page

    Brett Jackson, CEO, Systemax
    Keli Hitchcock, Brand Manager, Systemax


    Facebook continues to be the best social network to set up camp as a business. It’s an absolute no-brainer to be on there. How do you get started and how do you set your business apart? Brett and Keli will answer these questions and much more. They will provide a background of Systemax’s own Facebook experience, showing specific examples of the unique mix of content that has proved successful for higher engagement levels. They will also review the importance of developing a Facebook purpose, the ins and outs of setting up a business page, and outlining Facebook’s content rules. Due to the success of their own Facebook page, Systemax now helps other companies develop and execute targeted social media strategies. In the ever-changing world of social media, you don’t have to forge ahead alone; Brett and Keli can share their industry expertise.

    The Rules of 100%: Strategies to Reduce Client Friction

    Bill Petrie, President, Promo Corner

    Napoleon D1-2

    In our continually evolving marketplace, clients are seeking experiences that are as frictionless as possible. It’s about going beyond the “big things” most small businesses do well. To truly stand out and reduce client friction in an Amazon world, it’s the seemingly little areas where it’s critical to give 100%. In this session, Bill will outline easily implemented, tactical actions that can be taken immediately to create an experience clients will gladly pay for — again and again.

    9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

    Technology Partner Sessions

    4 Things All Successful eCommerce Projects Have in Common

    Jim Lahner, Vice President of Partner Operations, Four51

    Napoleon D1-2

    …and as a bonus, the one thing you must avoid at all costs. Four51 has a unique perspective on successful eCommerce implementations. We've been doing this for 17 years. Forty thousand eCommerce sites later, we've learned what separates successful projects from dismal failures. The difference between the two is money in your pocket, or not. Join us for a lively session.

    The Future of the Industry

    Ross Barker, CEO and Ower, e-Quantum, Inc.

    Napoleon BC123

    The future of the print services and distribution industry is looking bright! Join Ross as he discusses where the industry is going, how it will change and the importance of adapting. Technology has brought new print opportunities, particularly in marketing and packaging, and leading distributors continue to find growth opportunities in new products and services. Big changes will require an increasingly sophisticated array of technology, products, services and logistics to maintain and increase value to the marketplace and the acquisition of comparable technology by manufacturers and end-users will challenge our industry to provide even greater service to clients. In addition, the current trend of industry consolidation and mergers will continue with more strategic partnerships formed by suppliers, distributors and their clients. Learn how to remain vital and competitive in our industry environment of the future by transitioning with major trends, such as cloud computing, expanded use of mobile devices, modern payment systems, subscription software, big data transparency and new computing technologies.

    Working with Tech Savvy Clients

    Eli Sackett, President, Foundry

    Napoleon A1-2

    Your clients increasingly know what they want out of you and your systems. Set yourself up for success by understanding where your clients are in their technology evolution and be in a position to meet them where they are.

    Using Technology to Gain Competitive Advantage

    Tony Abunassar, Chief Strategy Officer, DemandBridge


    Technology solutions have become essential to business processes, and now customers expect automation, optimal user experience, and enhanced feature sets. As system offerings continue to grow, how can you make an informed decision about what solution to invest in? It is imperative to be aware of the products available, create innovation, and gain efficiencies. Earn new business and protect existing customer relationships with your knowledge of the competitive landscape and confidence that you are offering top notch solutions. In this session, we will review case studies across different verticals as we outline a problem, discuss how the requirements were considered, and describe the successful outcomes.

    10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

    Neurotic for a Reason: The Culture & Brand of Hotcards

    John Gadd, CEO, Hotcards
    Jordan Sanford, Director of Social Media, Hotcards

    Napoleon D1-2

    When Hotcards lit 21 people on fire, they did more than set a Guinness World Record and raise money for charity. They announced to the world — well, at least to Cleveland — that they were ready to unleash their brand. What matters more, though, is what the company does when no one is looking.

    The Hotcards team is neurotic about creating a unique, emotional, lasting experience for anyone who touches its products or technology. Today, people want to do business with Hotcards even before they know what the company does.
    In this highly visual and valuable session, Hotcards CEO John Gadd explains how his team created an unmistakable brand that has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on CNN and elsewhere. Come listen to him explain the value of the giant sign-in wall, red oven mitts, old-school bicycles, funny videos, Customer Obsession team, art gallery, Red Space and much more. Seemingly small touches have led to huge opportunities for Hotcards, which today helps tens of thousands of businesses and people BECOME KNOWN™. Hotcards doesn’t set out to “sell print.” It uses print as a means to impact lives.
    If you’re looking to boost your brand, shape your culture or continually push boundaries, you won’t get better by chance. You’ll get better by change. This session is ideal for your team.

    Packaging: Opportunities, Challenges and What Distributors Need to Know

    Artie Collins, CEO, NPN360
    Kevin Hayes, Executive Vice President, Outlook Group

    Napoleon BC123

    During this session, Artie Collins of NPN360 will share his first-hand experiences as NPN has moved into packaging — lessons learned, opportunities for success and what advice he’d have for other distributors. Using case studies, Kevin Hayes of Outlook Group will then share what distributors need to know about this growing product category — including the sales cycle, technical specs and sourcing, and how to get your foot in the door. If you want to learn more about how you might incorporate packaging into your organization, this is the session for you.

    Technology in Ten: What's Been, What's Here and What's Near

    Andrew Alford, President, Launchpad
    Rick Roddis, President, Comply Right
    Beth Marston, Director of Sales, Navitor

    Napoleon A1-2

    Join us for three, 10 minute discussions on industry technologies that can strengthen your business position. We will explore applications that reduce administrative expense, streamline and improve the customer experience, provide new revenue opportunities and offer ‘game changing’ ideas to present to your customers.

    1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

    2 Guys, 3 Stories: Why Technology Matters to thumbprint

    Tod Ellington, COO, thumbprint
    Brian Gill, Vice President of Sales, thumbprint

    Napoleon BC123

    Any business can change its name, slap together a new logo and come up with a catchy tagline. It’s easy to change a business card; it’s not easy to transform a business. But that’s exactly what thumbprint did. Today, the company has its finger on the pulse of how to deliver value to clients — the thumbprint team is using a mix of print and digital strategies to help customers achieve goals and solve problems. In this session, two leaders at thumbprint — Brian Gill and Tod Ellington — will share three stories about how technology is driving their business:

    1. How technology improved relationships with existing customers
    2. How technology opened a previously closed door at a big client
    3. How technology saved a client from leaving

    High Tech Marketing with Postcards: How to Expand Your Value Beyond Variable Printing

    Jordan Crawford, CEO, Scout

    Napoleon D1-2

    Want to learn about the cutting edge high tech marketing practices that exist for designing, personalizing, and individually tracking postcards? You’ll see postcards with unique maps on every single card, attribution elements to track each card, ways to clean your lists for pennies per row, and how to send a postcard to anyone who visits your website without asking them to enter in any personal information.

    Most printers are thought of as interchangeable pipes because they don’t differentiate themselves on meaningful dimensions for their marketing clients, you can be better. Learn about what’s next and how to measure and improve conversions for your marketing clients.

    Using Content to Build an Inbound Lead Generation Machine

    Kathleen Booth, Vice President of Marketing Strategy, IMPACT Branding & Design LLC

    Napoleon A1-2

    In today's digitally-connected world, the buying process begins online. As a business, if you're not at (or near) the top of the search results, you're not in the game. Learn how digital content can catapult you to the top of the search engine results pages and win you business.

    3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Panel Discussion: Why & How to Offer Marketing Services

    Jim Riley, President and CEO, RBO PrintLogistix
    Bob O'Connell, President and CEO, Vanguard
    Moderator: Darin Painter, Editor-in-Chief, PS Magazine

    Napoleon BC123

    Today’s marketing leaders are time-strapped and battle-worn. They’re responsible for a dizzying array of challenges — identifying new prospects, engaging current customers and keeping them loyal, developing personalized messages, tracking results of marketing tactics, ensuring brand control and more.

    It’s in the DNA of distributors to solve these kinds of information and communication issues, but what does it take to become a “marketing services provider”? As many distributors can attest, the shift makes sense, but it’s difficult to turn that into dollars and cents.

    This panel of heavy-hitting distributors is here to help. They’re all raising eyebrows and response rates, helping clients with a mix of print and digital strategies. You’ll hear why they decided to offer marketing services, what actions they took to clarify their value and what has happened as a result.

    Most importantly, you’ll leave with practical tips on:

    • How to make the transition from print-only to marketing services
    • How to empower salespeople to approach marketing departments
    • How to position and price marketing services
    • How to help clients turn data into action

    Aligning Your Print-Focused Sales Team to a New Print and Digital Focus

    Mary Ann McLaughlin, Managing Partner, Butler Street
    Mike Jacoutot, Managing Partner, Butler Street

    Napoleon D1-2

    According to Gartner’s “2016-2017 CMO Survey” of marketers at large, marketing accounts for 12 percent of corporate budgets, and 27 percent of that goes to technology. That’s more money spent on technology than on paid media (22 percent). It means the CMO is spending nearly as much of the company’s overall budget on technology (3.2 percent) as the CTO (3.4 percent). Studies show similar trends in mid to small companies as well. Is your sales force ready to meet the needs and wants of the technology-focused marketers? In this session we will share industry research and best practices for ensuring your sales force remains relevant and capable of growing revenue for you and for your clients. In this session we will discuss:

    • Motivating the Sales team to sell print and digital solutions
    • How to create loyal customers through digital solutions
    • Utilizing strategic partner and vendors for innovation

    Marketing Ramp-Up: How to Create Buzz and Reel In New Clients

    Cliff Quicksell, Consultant & Acting Director of Affiliate Marketing for iPROMOTEu

    Napoleon A1-2

    Handing someone a pen or a pencil is not compelling and the engagement aspect is limiting. But what if you had an understanding of what intrigued your client; would cause them to WANT to engage with you and have that elusive conversation that we are all dying to have? Giving your prospects and clients a reason to want to take that call is what this workshop is all about — creating exciting buzz about how you can help them achieve marketing success.

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