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PSDA: P2P Summit

    Peer Group Sessions

    New in 2017, Peer Group participants will be able to choose their own sessions to customize the experience at P2P. Sessions are being added weekly, and there will be 15 total to choose from. Don't worry - you'll still get the great peer networking experience that has been so popular for the last few years. The groups will kick off the conversation on Wednesday night and participate in facilitated conversations on Thursday to get the most out of this educational experience.

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    Neurotic for a Reason: The Culture & Brand of Hotcards

    John Gadd, CEO, Hotcards

    When Hotcards lit 21 people on fire, they did more than set a Guinness World Record and raise money for charity. They announced to the world — well, at least to Cleveland — that they were ready to unleash their brand. What matters more, though, is what the company does when no one is looking.

    The Hotcards team is neurotic about creating a unique, emotional, lasting experience for anyone who touches its products or technology. Today, people want to do business with Hotcards even before they know what the company does.
    In this highly visual and valuable session, Hotcards CEO John Gadd explains how his team created an unmistakable brand that has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on CNN and elsewhere. Come listen to him explain the value of the giant sign-in wall, red oven mitts, old-school bicycles, funny videos, Customer Obsession team, art gallery, Red Space and much more. Seemingly small touches have led to huge opportunities for Hotcards, which today helps tens of thousands of businesses and people BECOME KNOWN™. Hotcards doesn’t set out to “sell print.” It uses print as a means to impact lives.
    If you’re looking to boost your brand, shape your culture or continually push boundaries, you won’t get better by chance. You’ll get better by change. This session is ideal for your team.

    Panel Discussion: Why & How to Offer Marketing Services

    Jim Riley, president and CEO, RBO PrintLogistix
    Bob O'Connell, president and CEO, Vanguard

    Today’s marketing leaders are time-strapped and battle-worn. They’re responsible for a dizzying array of challenges — identifying new prospects, engaging current customers and keeping them loyal, developing personalized messages, tracking results of marketing tactics, ensuring brand control and more.

    It’s in the DNA of distributors to solve these kinds of information and communication issues, but what does it take to become a “marketing services provider”? As many distributors can attest, the shift makes sense, but it’s difficult to turn that into dollars and cents.

    This panel of heavy-hitting distributors is here to help. They’re all raising eyebrows and response rates, helping clients with a mix of print and digital strategies. You’ll hear why they decided to offer marketing services, what actions they took to clarify their value and what has happened as a result.

    Most importantly, you’ll leave with practical tips on:

    • How to make the transition from print-only to marketing services
    • How to empower salespeople to approach marketing departments
    • How to position and price marketing services
    • How to help clients turn data into action

    Using Technology To Hire Right

    Claudia St. John, Affinity HR Group

    From online candidate search tips, to behavioral testing to employee engagement and motivation, this session discusses the many ways technology has disrupted the way companies hire and engage their workers.

    The Rules of 100%: Strategies to Reduce Client Friction

    Bill Petrie, Promo Corner

    In our continually evolving marketplace, clients are seeking experiences that are as frictionless as possible. It’s about going beyond the “big things” most small businesses do well. To truly stand out and reduce client friction in an Amazon world, it’s the seemingly little areas where it’s critical to give 100%. In this session, Bill will outline easily implemented, tactical actions that can be taken immediately to create an experience clients will gladly pay for — again and again.

    Aligning Your Print-Focused Sales Team to a New Print and Digital Focus

    Mary Ann McLaughlin, Butler Street
    Mike Jacoutot, Butler Street

    According to Gartner’s “2016-2017 CMO Survey” of marketers at large, marketing accounts for 12 percent of corporate budgets, and 27 percent of that goes to technology. That’s more money spent on technology than on paid media (22 percent). It means the CMO is spending nearly as much of the company’s overall budget on technology (3.2 percent) as the CTO (3.4 percent). Studies show similar trends in mid to small companies as well. Is your sales force ready to meet the needs and wants of the technology-focused marketers? In this session we will share industry research and best practices for ensuring your sales force remains relevant and capable of growing revenue for you and for your clients. In this session we will discuss:

    • Motivating the Sales team to sell print and digital solutions
    • How to create loyal customers through digital solutions
    • Utilizing strategic partner and vendors for innovation

    Beyond Swag: Building Branded Experiences with New Tech

    Eric Granata, ROBYN Promotions

    You've heard of augmented reality and you may have used voice interfaces like Alexa and Siri. PSDA Member, ROBYN, has used print and promotional products for decades to help our clients build memorable branded experiences. Where do emerging technologies fit in the distributor’s tool kit? Eric Granata, VP of Business Development, ROBYN, will introduce these technologies, see how they’ve been put to use by distributors and discover ways to implement for your clients.

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