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PSDA: P2P Summit

    Bringing out Their Best: Motivating Optimal Performance

    Among a leader’s most important responsibilities is to create the conditions that make the best performance by his or her key team members possible. Most people recognize that motivation is a key driver of great work performance, however, leaders sometimes struggle to choose the right combination of approaches and tools to motivate all team members. They wonder, “If I am providing the whole team with the same resources and opportunities, why do some excel with enthusiasm, while others seem to perform below their capability?”

    This program builds on the central premise that not all individuals are motivated by the same prompts. In fact, some may be demotivated by the identical prompts that others find motivating. This workshop will provide you with the tools to: assess whether less than optimal performance is due to a lack of motivation, or to other root causes, and determine how to create conditions that help bring out the best in your team.

    About Risa Mish

    Risa Mish Headshot.jpgRisa Mish is a member of the Management and Organizations faculty at Cornell University’s S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, where she developed and teaches the MBA Core course in Critical and Strategic Thinking, as well as courses in personal and team leadership. She serves as Faculty Co-­­Director of the Johnson Leadership Fellows program, and as a faculty advisor to numerous Cornell student groups, including the Ivy League Champion Cornell Varsity Women’s Lacrosse Team.

    Prof. Mish is the winner of the Core Teaching Award, given by the 1st year MBA class to honor the faculty member who “best fosters learning through lecture, discussion, and course work in the required Core curriculum”; the Apple Teaching Award, given by the MBA graduating class to honor a faculty member who “exemplifies outstanding
    leadership and enduring educational excellence”; the Executive MBA (EMBA) Globe Award for Teaching Excellence, given by the EMBA graduating class to honor the faculty member who exemplifies “enduring educational excellence in motivating students to achieve and excel”; the “Best Teacher Award”, given by the graduates of the Cornell Tsinghua University (China) dual degree MBA/MFMBA program; and the Stephen Russell’61 Distinguished Teaching Award, given by the MBA 5th Reunion Class to a faculty member “whose teaching and example have continued to influence graduates five years into their post-MBA careers.