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PSDA: P2P Summit

    High Tech Marketing with Postcards: How to Expand Your Value Beyond Variable Printing

    Want to learn about the cutting edge, high-tech marketing practices that exist for designing, personalizing, and individually tracking postcards? You’ll see postcards with unique maps on every single card, attribution elements to track each card, ways to clean your lists for pennies per row, and how to send a postcard to anyone who visits your website without asking them to enter in any personal information.

    Most printers are thought of as interchangeable pipes because they don’t differentiate themselves on meaningful dimensions for their marketing clients, you can be better. Learn about what’s next and how to measure and improve conversions for your marketing clients.

    About the Speaker

    Jordan Crawford, CEO, ScoutJordan_Crawford_Headshot_10.jpg

    Jordan Crawford runs Scout, a San Francisco, California based company that allows anyone to market effectively with postcards. Businesses can design and personalize postcards in the browser, upload and verify their lists instantly with USPS, print and send out postcards, and track the results of every single postcard. Scout is not a printer, we’re an advanced digital marketing tool that uses postcards as our channel. We’re always open to meeting people for good conversation and new ideas.